Since 1993, Stephen R Davies has been researching the complex history of the RAF Police since its formation on the 1st April 1918. During his 24 year research into the history of the RAF Police, he has amassed one of the largest depositories of information regarding the global activities of the branch dating back to the very beginning.

The project began after I managed to obtain a rather thin A4 glossy magazine which had been produced to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the RAF Police. The contents were mostly photographs with a very sparse story of the RAF Police up until that point. Being rather disappointed with the publication and lack of substance, I closed the magazine and was heard to utter those immortal words, "For Goodness sake, is that it..? I could have done a better job than that..!!" ... The rest as they say is history...! Seriously though, up until that point, although the RAF Police had a 'museum' containing lots of artefacts gathered from around the RAF Police world, there was no documented chronological global history of the branch, and although one should never 'sound one's own trumpet' I have to say that if I had not taken on this project, with a great deal of help from former and serving RAF Police, then the RAF Police would certainly not have had such an impressive written history as they approach their centenary. Disappointingly, during the period of my research, only two out of ten Provost Marshals, have actively supported my project and have gone out of their way to assist me. What is more surprising, is that both were not 'professional' policemen; Air Cdre J L Uprichard was a pilot and Air Cdre P J Drissell was a member of the RAF Regiment, and both deserve my admiration and thanks.

In the lead-up to 2018 many authors will be working hard to compile the rather impressive history of the service during its first 100 years but most will focus on the flying exploits. Steve's intention is to produce a book, comprising several volumes, which will offer readers and historians alike a valuable insight into what the RAF Police have achieved during those first 100 years at home and abroad and is sure the book will make a valued addition to the records held by the RAF Historical Branch for future generations to refer to. If you served in the RAF Police or are still serving and you have a story to tell him then he would be delighted to hear from you with a view to including it in the book. Your contribution may be the missing piece of the jigsaw that is indeed, the History of the Royal Air Force Police.

Stephen R Davies


Hard copies of Steve's books available from:

Woodfield Publishing Ltd
Independent UK Book Publishers
Woodfield House | Babsham Lane | Bognor Regis | West Sussex | PO21 5EL | England | UK |

Enquiries & telephone orders call 01243 821234 (international +44 1243 821234) 9am-5pm GMT (voicemail out of hours)

‘RAF POLICE OPERATIONS IN EUROPE’ can be obtained from:

‘RAF POLICE DOGS ON PATROL’ can be obtained from:

‘RAF POLICE - CAPE TOWN TO KABUL’ can be obtained from:


‘RAF POLICE – THE GREAT ESCAPE MURDERS’ can be obtained from: 

In addition, the author acted as a specialist adviser to the director, and was filmed, during the making of the NatGeo documentary; 'The Great Escape, the Reckoning' in early 2009. Since renamed, "The Great Escape - Revenge on the Gestapo".

‘THOSE BLOOMIN’ SNOWDROPS’ can be obtained from:

‘MORE BLOOMIN’ SNOWDROPS’ can be obtained from:

“WHITECAP TWO-FIVE” can be obtained from:

In addition the following titles have been updated and published as electronic books and are available from Amazon Kindle:

A CONCISE GLOBAL HISTORY OF THE RAF POLICE 1918-2018, now available as an e-book published with Amazon Kindle:

My original book, 'FIAT JUSTITIA – A HISTORY OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE POLICE', which was published in 1994, is no longer available from the publisher in hard form but is now available as an e-book published with Amazon Kindle:

GLOBAL HISTORY OF THE RAF POLICE (Europe) – Volume 1, is available as an updated e-book from Amazon:

GLOBAL HISTORY OF THE RAF POLICE (Dogs) – Volume 2, is available as an updated e-book from Amazon:

GLOBAL HISTORY OF THE RAF POLICE (S Africa to Afghanistan) – Volume 3, is available as an updated e-book from Amazon:

GLOBAL HISTORY OF THE RAF POLICE (India to Ascension) – Volume 4, is available as an updated e-book from Amazon:

ESCAPE FROM STALAG LUFT III, is available as an updated e-book from Amazon, and tells the remarkable story of the Great Escape by RAF POWs from Stalag Luft III, in March 1944, the execution of 50 of those recaptured and the post-war investigation by the RAF Police Special Investigation Branch to track down the Gestapo killers of the 50:

SNOWDROPS HAVING A LAUGH, is available now as an e-book from Amazon:

RAF POLICE – AT WAR, the story of the Britian's global conflicts ranging from 1939 to 2012 and the part the RAF Police played in supporting the RAF. The book is filled with personal accounts from those who were there at the time and also includes a large selection of photographs. This has been published as an e-book with Amazon Kindle - More information can be obtained from: 

WHITECAP TWO-FIVE, The story of my own 25 year career in the Royal Air Force Police.


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